Bring an idea, we’ll handle the rest.

We tell stories as creatively and efficiently as possible. Years of experience gives our team all the knowledge and resources necessary to get your project off the ground. With friends in all corners of the industry, in-house production, and post equipment, we’ve got your back.

If you need a commercial, feature film, corporate video, or any media content, we can help you get from the first draft to the final cut.



Putting the right pieces in the right places

  • Project management
  • Insurance
  • Production paperwork
  • Locations and studio rentals


Lights, cameras, and lots of action

  • Seasoned crew members
  • Tried and true professional cameras
  • Industry standard sound
  • 2-ton lighting & grip package


Ensuring a precise and clean final cut

  • 4k post-production facility
  • Color grade & motion graphics
  • Original music & sound mix
  • Secure video managing service

Whatever unique needs your project has, we are confident our team can help you breathe life into your creative vision.

For a full list of equipment contact us.


Because a video is worth a thousand pictures.


Let’s be honest, you’ve never heard of us before.


Bookend Films developed over hundreds of hours of our team working on film sets thinking, ‘I’m positive this can be better.’ Over our years on independent productions, we’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly–and learned from all three.

The Bookend team is your quintessential ragtag group of creative and technical minds, eager to take on new challenges and continue growing in this industry.

Matt LaCorte


Liana Spano


Jonny Houbrick


Teza Belmond

Composer/Sound Designer

Eddy Laurent

Graphics Designer

Derek Povah

Sound Mixer

Myles Holliday



We get it, productions are complicated.

Even if you’re only asking questions, shoot us a message—just make sure to tell us what you’re looking for!

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